I first listened to Master Shi Heng Yi in his TED Talk when he explained the 5 hindrances. Everybody needs to find his or her personal life goal and the most suitable way to reach it. Later on, I found another video interview where he explained:

If you have any specific area already where you say „Okay I saw these things, I heard about hese things, I am really interested to know more about them“. Then this comes to the question „How do you find the right teacher?“ A simple way to choose your teacher or instructor or trainer is by having the this guideline of two questions: First, look for someone where you think he is possessing the abilities and skills you want to learn. (2) Ask people who know this teacher or master and have a look at them and see if his students (the closest persons in his life) nearly possess some of the skills that this teacher has.

Master Shi Heng Yi

I find him extraordinary compelling.



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